Jesus Heals Bartimeaus the Blind

It's a simple story of healing... or is it? We can learn a lot from this short story in the Gospel of Mark. You can find the story in each of our storybook curriculum Bibles as well (Check in the front index for page numbers).

Scripture: Mark 10:46-52

Challenge #1: Make a Healing Chain. Write the names of people who need prayers for healing on strips of colour paper. Link them together to create a paper chain. Gather as a family and say each name as you pray for healing. Bring your chain to Sunday school next week! 

Challenge #2: Put on a blindfold and follow spoken directions from a family member to move around your home. Take turns wearing the blindfold. How does it feel to trust when you cannot see what is in front of you?

Coming Up...

On Sunday November 8th we're having a Family Service at 10AM. Children will be invited to spend the entire worship service together with their family. Some children are youth will also be invited to help lead us in worship with reading, song and reflection. Stay tuned for more info and mark your calendar!

It's time to start practicing for the Christmas Pageant! Performance date is Sunday, December 13th at 10AM. Practice videos will be available online very soon so stay tuned. Scripts will be handed out starting Sunday. Please let Lauren know if your child would prefer a speaking role.