World Communion & Kids

We don't read very many stories in the Bible about Jesus getting angry, but in today's story Jesus becomes indignant. This week's theme is all about belonging to God's family - no matter who you are, how much life experience you have or where you live. We are all a part of God's great-big-cross-continent-extended family! 

Read over the text in Mark 10:13-16 with your family, then watch the mid-week video above.

Challenge #1: Memorize the Bible Memory Verse this week by creating a special collage with pictures you printed or drew yourself. Can you repeat it back to me this week? Then think about a group that might be disadvantaged or undervalued in today's society... how might the story or the verse change if it was retold today?

Challenge #2: Reread the story with your parents. Then, ask them about a time when they had to be an advocate for you. Perhaps in a medical situation or at school, or in another environment. Ask them about a mama or papa bear moment. Jesus sticks up for kids, and so do parents and care givers.

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Share your experience with these challenges with me next week or online!