Total Destruction

The disciples were probably pretty upset when Jesus said the temple would be destroyed – it was a big part of their religion! But they understood that Jesus had something big planned. Something so much better than the Temple! A new beginning, one where we are all in close relationship with God – no more walls!

Our Bible Memory verse for this week is:
Jesus responded, “Do you see these enormous buildings? Not even one stone will be left upon another. All will be demolished.” - Mark 13:2 -2

Challenge #1: Find and read Psalm 16 in your Bible. This Psalm has some very comforting words that remind us that God protects us. Who are some people in your life that protect you or look after you?

Challenge #2: Search for a “Jesus temple 3D tour” online with your parents help. Take a virtual trip through the place of worship that Jesus talked about in Mark 13:1-8. Compare it to our church, what are some similarities? What are some differences?