Tongue Twisters & Forest Fires


Well there you have it - our brand new Sunday School Video Series has officially launched! Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think! Don't forgot participate in our first two challenges. See you Sunday.

Synopsis: In the book of James, the writer tells us that our words have the potential to bring light to this world or become very destructive. We want our words to 

Scripture: James 3:1-12

Challenge 1: Find some time this week to reread the scripture from James with your family. Read it through a few times and then make a list. On one side of the list write words that are helpful, that lift people up and make them feel good. On the other side make a list of words that are hurtful, things that could set a forest fire if we use them against others. Once you have your list, pray with your family that God will help you to use the words from the helpful list.

Challenge 2: This challenge is going to put your tongue to the test! With your parents help, search online for a tongue twister. These are silly sayings that get twisted up coming out. Just like our words get twisted when we say things we don’t mean. Once you’ve found a fun tongue twister – test yourself and see how fast you can say it. Then test the rest ofyour family!

Got A Question? Do you have questions like our puppet friend Ziggy? Send them to me and I'll cover them in a future video! With an adult's help, send me an email: or bring your questions on Sunday mornings!