So You Want to be the Best...

Synopsis: On their way to Capernum, some of the disciples started arguing about who was the best in the group. The book of Mark doesn't tell us started the argument, but it does tell us that Jesus was not happy about it. Jesus used the opportunity to teach the disciples a lesson about what really makes people great - and it wasn't what they expected to hear.

Scripture: Mark 9:30-37

Challenge #1: During a car or bus ride, think about all the ways someone in your family was helped you today. Say the names of the people who have served you out load, or write them in a notebook. How much greatness did you witness? Tell me about it!

Challenge #2: Find a yummy soup recipe. Give everyone in the family a task and make the soup together. Take turns serving each other your delicious soup. How does it feel to serve? How does it feel to be served? 

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