Go On & Pray About It!

Sometimes we get hung up on praying "the right way" and we forget that prayer is quite simply a conversation with God. Just like our daily conversations with our family and friends, our prayers can change depending on the circumstances.

Read over the text in James 5:13-20 with your family, then watch the mid-week video above.

Challenge #1: At home, make a list of tangible items, like a family photo, or a first aid kit, or a stuffed animal. Things that might remind you to pray for things like your grandparents,  people who are sick, or shelter pets. See if you can make a list of 10 things and what they remind you of.

Challenge #2: With and adult's help, watch a news broadcast, or read an article about a current event. Life is hard sometimes, but when we hear about difficult things, we can pray.  Draw, write, or sing a prayer to God for help and guidance. What could you do to help?
Share your experience with these challenges with me next week or online!

Video Clips Used:
1. Long Division -  
2. be a STAR: Bullying Example #2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=am41pBF8kys