The Chruch According to Mr. Potato Head

Paul uses a Metaphor to explain how we should act as Christians.
He compares our bodies - mad up of lots of different parts to how the church is (a group of people with lots of different roles). All of us are meant to be very different and all of our roles are very important!

We don't read very many stories in the Bible about Jesus getting angry, but in today's story Jesus becomes indignant. This week's theme is all about belonging to God's family - no matter who you are, how much life experience you have or where you live. We are all a part of God's great-big-cross-continent-extended family!

Read over the text in 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 with your family, then watch the mid-week video above.

Challenge 1: See how far you can fill your mite can up this week. Look for spare change, do some extra chores around the house With your parents help, et a goal for how much change you’d like fill your jar with. Remember each of us has a small jar we – alone it might not be very much money… but together we can make a big impact in our community!

Challenge 2: Today we learned that all of us are important in God’s family! Think of a couple of people in your neighborhood or friend group that might like to help fill a mite can of their own. Encourage them to decorate a jar and fill it with change to help others. Remember together we are stronger – what would happen if YOU could encourage 3 people.. and those 3 people encouraged 3 more people, and THOSE 3 people encouraged even MORE people?
What a giant impact that would be!