God's Promise to Abraham - and to us!

Scripture: Genesis 15-18

This story is important to understand for a few reasons, one it’s super important that we understand that we can’t make promises to God. We might try really hard, but in the end we always end up messing up or making mistakes. But that’s okay! Because God is always forgiving and he keeps his promises to us – and he never messes up!
This story is also really important because it’s the beginning of our story with God. In this promise God agrees to stay committed to Abraham and to take care of him, and all of his family. That means you and me too!

Challenge #1 – on a clear evening go outside and count as many stars are you can see. Then, with a parents help go online and learn about how many stars there are in our galaxy. .. Are you amazed? Share some of the info you found with us on Sunday.

Challenge #2: Using the words and story from Genesis chapter 15, re-write the words to the song Twinkle Twinkle little star to create a song that tells the story of God’s covenant with Abram. Share your song with us on Sunday!