The Transfiguration

The Transfiguration

Read the text in Luke 9:28-36 with your family, then watch the video!

Wowza! So all in one day the disciples have gone on a hike with Jesus, saw Moses and Elijah and now just hear the voice of God from the clouds – talk about an exciting day!

This story is important because it really sets out who Jesus is. He was 100% man – a person just like you and me. But we also have to remember that he is also God’s son and that makes him God as well – totally 100% divine!

It’s okay if you still have lots of questions about this story – I know I sure do, and I’m sure the disciples came down the mountain with lots of questions too! God is mysterious and sometimes we don’t get all of the answers. But it’s good to ask questions too!

Challenge #1: Some of the disciples wanted to STAY on the mountain. Would you ever like to stay on a mountain? Where would you like a chance to stay overnight? Find or draw some pictures of places you would like to stay, ask you r family members for their input too! Bring your creation to show and share on Sunday!

Challenge #2: Moses and Elijah both spent some time on a mountaintop. Read about these stories in: Exodus 19:16-20, 1 Kings 19:11-13. Then compare the stories to our scripture today. How did God speak to these prophets?