Jesus Was Afraid

Last week we heard about a time the Disciples were afraid. But this week we’re reading about when Jesus was afraid.

Check it out in the book of Matthew (Remember that’s a NEW Testament book and it’s also one of the Gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). Chapter 26 so find the big numbers… and verses 36-45 so the small numbers. It says…

So this is part of the Easter story it’s actually the night that Jesus is arrested and the day before he is put to death. Remember, Jesus IS God so he knows exactly what is coming next, and he is totally in control – he could have gotten up, walked out of that garden and never returned. But instead he stayed and he went along with the guards, and went through all of the torture and pain and eventually went to the cross to be killed. Jesus KNEW that he was going to die but he also knew that in his death he would defeat sin and death once and for all.

BUT at the same time Jesus is also 100% human like you and be and he was really really afraid. Just like was said last week. Death is really scary. It’s the one thing that we don’t really know anything about and that makes us nervous and jumpy and sometimes we feel really sick when we think about it. Because Jesus was 100% God he KNEW what it was going to be like and because he was 100% human he was really afraid.

So… what can we learn from this story? Jesus was afraid… so what did he do? Did he run? Did he hide? Did he yell and scream, Did he fight?

No! Jesus prayed. He prayed to God (he father) and Jesus told God he was scared. He asked God if it was at all possible to change the plan so he wouldn’t have to die on the cross. But at the end of the prayer Jesus knew that it was God’s plan that mattered most and he knew that it was his mission to go to the cross and so he prayed for strength and courage.

We can do that too. When we’re really afraid we can stop what we’re doing and we can pray. We can pray when things get scary and ask God to give us courage so we can face our fears. We can also asked God to be really close to us and walk beside us when we are afraid. We might not be able to see God but we can know that he is there and that we are never alone.

Think about a time when you got really scared:

Maybe it was when your parents were fighting

Or you had to do a presentation in front of your class

Or you had to preform on stage

Or you were going on an airplane

Or when your room is really dark

Or when you have to go to the basement

Or when you get sick

All of these things can be really scary, but we can be like Jesus and we can pray. God won’t snap his fingers to change the situation but when we pray we feel better, we feel less afraid and we feel less alone.

I hope that the next time you feel afraid or alone you would remember the scripture from today and you would take just 1 or 2 seconds. And say God, it’s me, I’m scared, I feel alone and I need you to be with me and comfort me. Please help me to feel less afraid.