Loving God from the Inside Out this Summer

Summer is coming soon...

I am super excited about the Summer program this year. The theme is Loving God from the Inside Out based on the Disney movie Inside Out. Every 2 weeks we will focus on a different emotion. Through the summer months we will meet Anger, Fear, Disgust, Sadness and finally Joy. Each week we will begin with a 5 minute video that introduces the character through a live action interview. The interview will help us get to know the emotion, and we’ll get a sneak peek about how that emotion helps us to worship and love God. Our characters will be played by talent actors from our congregations including Cole Watson as Anger, James Ingram-Smith as Fear, Elena Amariucai as Disgust, Sydney Spidell as Sadness, and Kira Wiens as Joy.

Every other week this summer we will unpack a different emotion through games, snacks, crafts and puzzles and each week we will focus on a new Bible story. In week A we will meet that emotion for the first time through a video interview, we’ll hear a story from the Bible the highlights that emotion, and we will play a game. In week B we will review the emotion from the week before, and we will hear a new story about how Jesus demonstrated that emotion and how we can use that emotion to please God. Some of the stories we look forward to studying are: Jesus tossing tables in the Temple, Jesus Calming the Storm, Jesus heals the 10 lepers, Jesus cries for his friend Lazarus, and Jesus calls Zacchaeus from a tree.