SADNESS - Loving God from the Inside Out

The Bible teaches us that this world, and all its sorrows are only temporary. One day we will be with the Lord in a place with no sadness and no tears. All the hurt, the pain, and the sadness of this world will make the joy even better. God won’t stop the sad times. We live in a broken world where we will always find sadness around the corner. But when we believe in Jesus, we know that joy will always come after sadness. He will wipe away our tears. He will give us comfort. And he will give us joy. 

This week we read the passage from the New Testament book of John 11:17-44. Jesus shows us how we are to treat the people that the rest of the world may find disgusting. Love, respect and compassion.

Curriculum: Emotions from Children's Ministry Deals

Script written by Children's Ministry Deals