Pray for Everyone - Children's Bible Lesson - Season 2, 2016

My Journey  Season 2, Episode 2
Paul Teaches Timothy to Pray for Everyone - Children's Bible Lesson

September 20, 2016

In this story we read from the book of 1 Timothy. This book is actually more like a letter. It was written by Paul (one of the first church leaders) to his student Timothy. In the letter Paul reminds Timothy how important it is to pray for other people - especially those with the power to make rules and laws. This letter was important 2000 years ago, but it's also important today! Who are some leaders that we should pray for today?

Bible Memory Verse: Pray for kings and everyone who is in authority so that we can live a quiet and peaceful life in complete godliness and dignity. 1 Timothy 2:2

Weekly Challenge: As a family, take a walk around your neighborhood. Bring a notebook or take pictures on a cell phone. Document things along the way that remind you to pray for others – houses (pray for neighbours), mailboxes (pray for the postal workers), sidewalks (pray for city workers), power lines (pray for hydro workers), dogs (pray for veterinarians), speed limit signs (pray for law makers), garbage (pray for maintenance workers), schools (pray for teachers), sports field (pray for coaches). 
How many different things can you find along your walk? Pray for these people this week.