The Disciples (grade 4-6)

Disciples in grades 4-6 are welcome in The Upper Room, - arguably the coolest room in the building- to ask tough questions and dig deeper into the Bible story.

Lessons are designed to challenge preteens to go further than the "Sunday-school-answer" and put themselves in God's Story. Using music, YouTube, science experiments, riddles and games they will discover ways to start living out the principles they study in class.


A Typical Sunday

9:30am - The Temple is open for free play. Activities like Wii Sports, preteen library, foose-hockey, craft bar and sports bin are available.

10:00am - Opening Video. Everyone joins together  to watch the opening video and see what the Whirl gang are up to this week. These videos introduce the lesson theme through every day interactions preteens actually have experience with like bullying, leadership, giving and sacrifice. We talk about the video and explore the theme on their level.

10:15am - Scripture reading and Activity. Preteens open their Bibles to discuss the weekly lesson in their own language. Teachers bring in activities and object lessons to help teach the weekly objective. Each lesson includes prayer, discussion and a memory verse.

10:45am - Move to Main Service. Preteens travel together to the church sanctuary and join the rest of the congregation in closing worship.