Who are the members of the Woman’s Association?

As you know, with the nursing ministry being temporarily put on hold, sales are continuing for the Gas & Grocery cards with those funds being directed to the WA.  Over the years, the WA has funded many improvements to the church, most recently the kitchen renovation, but also some ongoing activities such as Christmas flowers for shut ins and Easter plants. 

But rather than outlining what the WA has done ….. why don’t we look at who the Woman’s Association is!

Our constitution identifies the membership as ‘All women rendering service through the organization’.  That means all you ladies who have contributed in some way shape or form to the multiple events and opportunities hosted by the WA.  Perhaps you donated a jar of pickles …. knitted a hat …. handled advertising …..  served tea …. or any of the other countless activities involved with our annual Bazaar.  Maybe you helped in the Thrift shop, assisted making sandwiches for a funeral or a noon hour recital or sold Gas & Grocery cards (after the transfer of that function).  If you did, then you did so as a member of the Woman’s Association. 

You don’t have to attend our monthly meetings to be a member of the WA.  Although we would love to see you, please know that anything you do which contributes to the success of the WA is done as a member of the WA. 

And even though we are titled the Woman’s Association, we count on and appreciate the support of the men in the congregation.  They also participate in working at our Bazaar, the Gas & Grocery card sales tables, the thrift shop ….. along with countless other things.

So ….. women and men of the congregation ….. please know that the Women’s Association could not do what we do without the ongoing efforts of the entire congregation family ….. thank you for being a member of the WA!