Prayer is an essential fabric of St. Andrews for all the congregation.  In the fall of 1994 a few people felt called to a ministry of prayer on behalf of individuals experiencing crisis in their lives.   The needs vary from all types of illnesses, job loss, other personal difficulties and financial concerns.  All the information is kept private by the use of first names only.  Strictest confidence is maintained by the group.

 Usually the requests are received by the Ministers, and then forwarded to the coordinator who arranges the requests to be passed to each group member.

It is helpful if the requests contain the approximate age, the gender, the situation and the direction needed to resolve the difficulty if that is possible.  For example:  John who is in his 40's suffered job loss.  Pray for patience and for new opportunities to be forthcoming.

 The number of requests average around 30 - 35 but vary over the year as resolutions occur.  The group members individually offer the prayers in their home.  Periodically the group as a whole now numbering 18, gather to review the lists, share prayer experiences and information related to prayer work.

 The Prayer Group members are committed to presenting intercessory prayers to God.  In the process, we trust individuals will receive God's love and comfort.  The members are also blessed with a sense of support.