There are lots of meaningful and faithful ways to serve God at St. Andrew's, below is just a partial list.


If you are looking for a new way to serve please come out and get to know some of our groups or chat with Rev. Mark, he will help and guide you into a ministry that is right for you.


If you'd like more info on some of our groups, or you'd like to get in touch with ministry leaders just fill out the form below:

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1.  The Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is a subcommittee of Session which is responsible for preparing and monitoring the annual operating budget of St. Andrew’s on an ongoing basis.  This committee is also responsible for overseeing the operations of the church office (including the employee benefits package) as well as ensuring that the church is properly insured.  Members of this committee should have a financial and/or business background.

2. The Property Committee

The Property Committee is a subcommittee of Session whose primary responsibility is the maintenance of church property.  The committee also monitors the work of the church custodial staff and will identify, cost and oversee major repairs or renovations to the church property.  It will prepare a budget annually which reflects these needs. Members of this committee should have an interest in maintenance – related issues.  Contacts in the various trades are a definite asset.

3. Local Outreach Committee

The Committee responds to social needs in the local community through projects such as:  out-of-the-cold, mite cans (for local charities), New Years’ dinner and May BBQ for downtown people, pancake dinner, and potato drive for House of Friendship.  A new initiative to provide rides for people wishing to attend Sunday morning services requires drivers.  You are invited to join the Local Outreach Committee and assist in its response to the needs of the local community.

4. National/International Outreach Committee

The Committee responds to the ongoing and emergency needs within the national and world community through projects such as:  Katrina Mission Trip,Francisco Coll Elementary School in Guatemala, HIV/AIDS health care, education and training and improving small-scale agriculture in Malawi.  Please consider volunteering to assist the National/International Committee to respond to national and international needs.

5. WorshipCommittee

This Committee considers and recommends to Session on various aspects of worship at St. Andrew’s such as:  church services, baptisms, Lord’s Supper and music.  You are invited to volunteer to become a member of the Committee, to join the choir, to assist in communion preparation or as an usher or greeter.

 6. Membership Committee

The Committee ensures that the membership of the congregation is welcomed, grows and is integrated into the life of the church, and that all members are encouraged to use their gifts in the ministry of the congregation.  Currently the priorities of the Committee are members, and welcoming new members.  Volunteers are invited to assist the Committee to accomplish its priorities.

7. Scripture Readers

A meaningful way to be part of the Worship Service is to volunteer to read the Scriptures at a Sunday morning service.  Detailed instructions will be provided.

8. Sanctuary Choir

The Sanctuary Choir led by Robert Houghton is one of the finest church choirs in the region.  More than 40 voices strong, it contains a good mix of young and mature voices.  The repertoire is very eclectic containing works like Mozart’s Requiem right up to modern gospel.  It is a hard working and fun group.  Special televised services like Good Friday, Christmas Day and Anniversary ensure a quality ensemble.  The choir rehearses Thursdays at 8 p.m., and new members are always welcome.

9. Youth Choir

Come join the fun of learning new music and making choir friendships with the St. Andrew’s Youth Choir.  Each Sunday we practice after church in the Chapel (beside the church office), from 11:00 to 11:30.  All ages are always welcome just drop in and join a rehearsal. 

10. Worship Band

St. Andrew’s Worship Band is growing! The group is open to all ages and instruments. The group leads worship for Family Night events and is occasionally part of Sunday morning worship. If you'd like to use your musical talents, and get to know like-minded individuals this could be the group for you!

11. Ushering

Ushering is an important hospitality function of the church.  An usher is part of the welcoming and greeting team, which makes visitors and members alike welcome in our church services.  The ushers assist people with seating, if desired, and facilitate the gathering and counting of the collection.  They are also important in cases of safety and evacuation, should that ever be necessary. 

Serving as an usher is usually done for four Sundays (sometimes 5) in a month (one month per year); at the morning service and some of the ushers will also serve at an evening service in their particular month (usually only 1 or 2 are needed at the 7 p.m. service).

It’s a nice role for a new person to take part in, as you can meet and greet lots of people (assuming you enjoy that!) –some training would be provided and you would work with experienced ushers!

12. Greeters

We invite new members to consider volunteering as greeters.  Each week, the greeters arrive a half hour before the service to greet at three locations.  Some greeters are willing to greet for more than one week and will volunteer for two or three weeks, or even the month.  It is a wonderful way to get to know other members and visitors, and at the same time become known to them.  One of the greeters who had volunteered for the first time told me “After greeting, I went into church with a good heart!”

13. Coffee Hour

Coffee Hour takes place each Sunday after the morning service and is hosted by 3-4 members of the congregation.  A sign up book listing the date of each Sunday during the year is in the Church Office and everyone is encouraged to participate.  Coffee hour is a time to visit with friends and to introduce yourselves, to visitors or new members. 

Volunteers will be required to make the coffee and tea and set the table with the necessary cups, glasses for juice, cream and sugar etc. as well as clean up after coffee hour is over.  Experienced coffee volunteers would of course help the new volunteers.

14. Safety Committee

This new Committee will review all aspects of safety at St. Andrew’s.  Anyone interested in this area is invited to become a member of the new Safety Committee.

15. Women’s Missionary Society (WMS)

The Women’s Missionary Society supports local, national and worldwide missions.  You are invited to join the WMS for fellowship and to learn more about missions and how you can assist in this important area.

16. Women’s Association

The Women’s Association renders service to the church and community while providing Christian fellowship.  Through the annual bazaar and tea room, the Thrift Shop, funeral receptions, luncheons sold at noon-hour concerts and other special projects, substantial funds are raised for St. Andrew’s capital projects.  Church women are invited to join the Women’s Association and to assist with its projects. 

 17. Thrift Shop

St. Andrew’s Thrift Shop is open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons from 1 to 4 p.m., September to June.  It is staffed by a friendly group of volunteers, who each give approx. 3 hours of their time per month.  Our stock consists of gently used clothing and small items, donated mostly by members of the congregation and then sold at a very reasonable price.  The proceeds are used by the W.A. to help pay for repairs and improvements to the church building.

18. Camp Kummoniwannago

Camp K is a Christian based non-denominational summer day camp held for 8 weeks at Laurel Creek Conservation area.  Each summer approximately 700 camper weeks accommodate campers ages 5-15, most of whom are from the community.  Children with special needs are also an important part of this camp.  The camp committee meets monthly.

19. Visitors in the Parish

This is a ministry of church volunteers who visit, on a one to one basis, members of the church who are either home-bound or who are in a long-term care facility.  More volunteers are always welcome and needed.

20. Stephen Ministry

Currently there are 8 active Stephen Ministers who have participated in 50 hours of training in order to meet the needs of individuals experiencing crises in their lives.  There are two Stephen Leaders who co-ordinate Stephen Ministers with care-receivers, lead training sessions and provide oversight of this ministry in small-group supervision.

21. Prayer Group

This dedicated group remembers others in their prayers daily.  Requests may be made by an individual or by the Minister with all information remaining confidential.

22. Christian Education

Our ministry is expanding past Sunday mornings and we're so excited! If you'd like to help with Sunday school, prop design, Family Nights, Field trips, Family Ministry, mid-week kid nights come and join our team! There are lots of ways you can get involved with C.E. - all commitment level and skills sets can be used.

  23. Church Office Volunteer Ministry

Church office volunteers provide a pleasant and helpful atmosphere for persons visiting or calling the office while acting as a receptionist for the Church.

Duties include:  A commitment of two half days per month on a spare basis or choose a regular half day.  The hours of commitment would be 9:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. OR 1 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.  Answering the telephone pleasantly and directing calls.  To familiarize yourself with sale items i.e. Bridgehead products, Ticket Sales, etc.  Assist the office staff with some office duties as requested. 

24. Book Corner

The Book Corner Committee welcomes volunteers who are keen on books.  Volunteer activities could include book displays, book reviews or assisting with circulation duties when the Book Corner is open on Sundays from 9:45 – 10:00 a.m. and after the Sunday Service 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.  Training and support provided.

25. Plant Deliveries

During the Christmas and Easter seasons,St. Andrews sends plants to members of our congregation who are home-bound.  Your help is needed to distribute these which are much appreciated by the recipients.  Please pick up one or more as your contribution to this worthwhile program.

26. The Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Prayer Shawl Ministry welcomes knitters. We pray God’s blessing on this project and that it will be a blessing for both the knitter and receiver of the shawl. The making of a prayer shawl is a spiritual practice. As you work on the shawl pray that the one who receives it will find not only physical warmth and comfort but also peace and healing; that they may know God cares for them and that they are remembered in love by you, the knitter.

27. The Health Committee

The Health Committee is charged with establishing a Parish Nursing Ministry at St.Andrew’s Church. The Health Committee oversees the activities of the Parish Nurse by providing focus, direction and encouragement. The committee, with the Parish Nurse, will promote, support and plan the health and healing ministry of the church.