September 4, 2016

Welcome to St. Andrew’s,


This week's televised service is a repeat from May 15, 2016

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                                         Click here to sign a petition to the Honourable John McCallum urging him to expedite the arrival of Syrian Refugees

                                         Click here to sign a petition to the Honourable John McCallum urging him to expedite the arrival of Syrian Refugees

Announcements for the week of August 29

The Church office will be closed on Friday, August 26, 2016

Assistance in Getting to Church

If you are a senior who has difficulty getting to church, and there is no convenient bus to bring you here, we may be able to help you by providing taxi scrips.If you would like some taxi scrips to help with your transportation please speak to Rev. Mark, Rev. Greg, one of the administrative staff or the receptionist at the front desk. Please note that there may be less expensive ways for you to get to church.  Before you ask for scrips from the church please check to see if you qualify for the Grand River Transit MobilityPLUS program. If you qualify for the MobilityPLUS program or any other program that provides a discounted rate of travel, please use that program and then speak to us about covering the cost. The scrips that we have are in $5.00 increments.  Please work out the cost of your ride and then ask for the nearest amount in $5.00 scrips without going over, and pay the extra amount to the driver yourself. For example, if your ride costs $17.00 please ask for $15.00 in scrips and make up the rest yourself.  The taxi company will not give change for amounts paid with scrips.  A tip cannot be paid with a scrip.   This is an experimental project funded by the generous donation of a church member who wishes to remain anonymous.  We will review the feasibility of the project in the coming weeks.  Thank you.

Discussion Group for the Autumn of 2016

The Autumn Discussion Group will start on Tuesday September 27 at 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. and will run for six consecutive weeks to Tuesday November 1.  The 10:00 a.m. group and the 7:00 p.m. group will study the same material, and participants are welcomed to switch back and forth as their schedules allow. This course will be the first six of twenty-four studies on Comparative Religion based on DVD lectures by Professor Charles Kimball, Presidential Professor and Director of the Religious Studies Program at the University of Oklahoma.  Professor Kimball is also the former Director of the Middle East Office at the National Council of Churches. Professor Kimball is the author of “When Religion Becomes Evil.”  Rather than just being an overview of each religion, Professor Kimball has organized these lectures so that each week we will look at one theological concept and study how each religion understands it.  Everyone is invited to join us in these studies. Tues. Sept. 27 – Comparative Religion – Who, What, Why, How Tues. Oct. 4 – Exploring Similarities and Differences Tues. Oct. 11 – The Sacred, the Holy and the Profane Tues. Oct. 18 – Sacred Time, Sacred Space and Sacred Objects  Tues. Oct. 25 – Sacred People – Prophets, Sages, Saviours Tues. Nov. 1 – Sacred People – Clergy, Monastics, Shamans The group meets in the Elizabeth Room.  For more information please contact Rev. Mark at 519-578-4430 ext. 221 / 519-635-4362 /   


“OPEN THE DOOR, a journey to your true self” by Joyce Rupp

Join Sheree Anderson for 6 weekly sessions from Thanksgiving to Advent

Mondays 10am, October 17th- November 21st, St. Andrews Presbyterian Church“…best-selling spiritual guide Joyce Rupp, creatively leads readers to explore how the image of the door can guide them in a process of discovering their true self. Joyce Rupp brings new life to the ageless spiritual image of the door, weaving insights from East and West…  in a practical format that is just right for contemporary readers. Structured as a daily prayer guide for everyday use over six weeks, each day offers a thematic reflection, a guided meditation, an original prayer, a thoughtful question, and a related scripture quote.” Books will be ordered in bulk as soon as numbers are known. Cost is presently $25. Subsidised books are available, so don’t let the cost put you off! An evening session may be offered if there is sufficient interest. Register at Church Office by Sunday, September 25th.


Elevator Update

                    -As of today we have raised $17,969.00 required for the upgrading and restoration of our elevator. The total cost will be $30,000.00, but the Women’s Association has generously agreed to match the gifts from the congregation up to $15,000.00.

      -Up until the upgrading and restoration is completed there will be an elevator attendant on duty as of 9:15 am each Sunday morning.  The elevator is safe.  At worst, the present difficulty will cause a delay in service.

      -We have already signed a contract with Delta Elevators to get the work done. The delay is due to an overall crisis in elevator maintenance across North America. Twenty-five to thirty years ago many building had elevators installed in order to meet new accessibility laws. All of those elevators now require major service and there is a significant shortage of trained elevator technicians.

The Servant Queen and the King She Serves: Rev. Dr. J. Mark Lewis will preach a sermon based on this book on September 18, 2016. If you would like a copy you are welcome. A suggested donation of $4.00 each covers the cost of the book.

The moon is full and we hope that your mite can is close to full too! Don’t forget to add your loose change to it over the summer as the agencies that we support never stop working. This year we provided funds to the Working Centre Soup Kitchen, to Ray of Hope for new tables for their dining room, to KW Counseling for people who cannot afford their services and to The YWCA Emergency Shelter for a new dining room set for their common room. Thank you for your generosity to our local community!

The church would like to e-mail receipts for this year’s income tax purposes to help reduce costs and make receipting more convenient for the giver. Do you have an e-mail address? Could you please send an e-mail to Thank you.

Looking for the perfect gift for the person who has everything? Why not give the gift of a donation in their honour to your favorite St. Andrew’s Mission. For those who watch us on television for a birthday or anniversary you can make a donation to the TV ministry of St. Andrew’s in their name. A donation to C.E. or Youth, the bulletin, the library, Stephen Ministry, VIP, or a donation to support our church buildings all show your love of our church being shared with loved ones and friends. Cards are available from the office to send to the recipients to let them know of your generous and thoughtful gift.

We had so much fun this Summer learning about our emotions and how we can use them to praise and worship God!