August 2, 2015

Please join us Sunday August 2nd during the 10:00 a.m. worship with guest preacher Mike Wasyluk. Mike will speak about the story in Luke 5 where 4 friends -  desperate to see Jesus -  lower their paralyzed friend through the tiles in the ceiling in hopes that he might be healed.

Following worship everyone is invited to join us for refreshments and fellowship in the Garden of St. Andrew.

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                                                                           Click on the image to view the ministry description and congregational Profile




Gas and Grocery Cards  to support the Parish Nurse Ministry will be available in the church office during regular office hours.

 Camp K Wish List: Duct Tape, Sharpie markers,  empty Pringle containers, noise cancelling headphones, beach toys, construction paper, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, scissors, markers, crayons, small notebooks, dollar store prizes/toys, empty 2 litre pop bottles.

Would you like to join St. Andrew’s?  We would love to have you as a member! We are next receiving new members on Sunday, September 27 and we want you to join us.  Membership is an indication of an ongoing commitment to the life and witness of the congregation.  We always need new members to strengthen all our ministries.  If you are interest in membership please call Rev. Mark in the office at 519-578-4430 extension 221, or just call the office and let Pam or Shelley know that you want to join, and Mark will get in touch with you.  Let’s make September 27 a day of celebrating our new members.

HELP! Lauren is looking for some "kid drawings" of Bible stories or Christian themed designs/doodles. If your children/grandchild/neighbour loves to doodle ask them if they will create something for me.

What I need:
Original drawings of Jesus/Holy Spirit/God, Bible stories, cross, empty tomb, rainbow, fish, hearts, etc.
On plain white paper - no colouring pages please.
Any size - full 8.5 X 11 is ideal
Any colour

Scan your submissions and email them to me at the church OR drop them off at the church office. I'll accept drawings until July 31st.


Please note: Summer office hours will begin June 29th. Mon. - Fri. 9:00am - 4:00pm